Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I have A Difficult Tree

I wonder about the tree at the end of my block
It seems like its been a month or more
Since it lost its leaves and
I don’t remember much in the way of
Red or
Before the branches went bare or
Mostly bare
A few leaves still cling in the upper reaches and
Are still green
Although more lime than kelly or forest and
A bit bedraggled
More Cleveland than Pittsburgh but
Not quite Detroit and
Without bankruptcy or angry creditors
Who knows how long they can hang on
I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes new leaves next Spring to push them out
The tree seems to be in active denial
As long as on leaf still hangs on
No matter how empty the branch
The long winter has not set in and
Rebirth is not necessary
I wonder if it were a boy
Whether it would eat its vegetables

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