Friday, November 15, 2013

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Twenty minutes until we have to be headed out the door
No one has eaten breakfast
My daughter's hair needs to brushed as she screams bloody murder and
Then something has to be done with hair bands
I have to at least run some water over my body and
Put some clothes on that don’t make me look like a threat to the safety of school children
One lunch has to be made and packed
Both backpacks need to be checked and put in the car
The appropriate jackets have to be selected and
The kids have to be talked into seeing the necessity of wearing them
Footwear must be selected and fitted and secured
Teeth must be brushed and
The naked boy
Who is dancing around in front of me
As I attempt to put underwear over his feet and up his legs
Needs to be dressed
Which is why I clenched my teeth and screamed
He was hoping to sit down with his metal lunchbox and
Extract his stuffed dog and his stuffed turtle’s blanket
Which is why he said
Screaming at underwear really doesn’t help anything

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