Monday, August 27, 2007

The hardest part of blogging for me, so far, has been finding an overarching theme. I need a clear purpose, or at least I've always hoped to have one. I can't stand the thought of this simply being a collection of random musings. Would anyone want to tune in regularly to read a set of random musings, even musings as amusing as mine? If all I have here so far is a set of random musings, then the answer is no. I have come up with a few ideas for overarching themes, but none has really caught on. My interpretive take on the Quran didn't make it past the second entry threshold. I've written a few amusing entries on parenthood, if I do say so myself, but I can't write only about diapers and tantrums. As it is that's most of what I do and talk about, if I write about it to I might as well be a diaper. I have written five entries on the commandments, but my only reader (my wife) has complained and is now boycotting the site. If she doesn't read it, then the blog will be completely revealed as intellectual (or semi-intellectual) masturbation. She likes the parenthood stuff, but she has liked a few of the politically focused entries, particularly the ones that are neither instructional leaflets nor obscenity laced tirades. I don't want to write a completely political blog though, even if it is x-rated. A week or two ago I proclaimed that I would now be writing about morals, from a nuanced and situational perspective. I still like that idea, but I think it needs a little more focus. Additionally, a good author takes his audiences needs into account, and she wants more personality and parenthood. So, from now on, this is a stay-at home dad's take on morality, keeping in mind that stay at home dads, like stay at home moms, have interested that don't run around the house randomly reorganizing our lives. I'm really jazzed about this idea, and think I may stick with it for a while, or at least until I go back to work.

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Megan said...

Yeah! I like this new theme: how to raise a moral, yet critical thinking person from a stay at home dad's perspective. Afterall, that *is* the task before us, correct? Love you!