Friday, August 31, 2007

I have Michael Vick on the brain. I wonder whose fault that is. Oh shit, now I'm blaming the press just like an athlete would. But, really, when did a dog fighting ring become this newsworthy? Peta and the Humane Society ought to be thanking Michael Vick, rather than attacking him. He's done more for animals in a few months than Bob Barker ever did. Maybe that's why everyone is so ready to accept his apology. There must be some reason why everyone was so touched by his 'heartfelt' apology. I wasn't sure it was an apology, but it certainly was well coached and brilliantly non-committal. I'm sorry, but apologizing for "all the things that I've done," doesn't quite cut it. Is this "all the things" he's done ever? Is he apologizing for leaving the toilet seat up, not calling his mom on her birthday, and making questionable decisions in the pocket? What about giving genital herpes to Sonya Elliott? I know it's awful cynical of me, but I thought it sounded like he was apologizing for being caught. Actually it sounded like he was trying to get his career back. I didn't hear him say that he'd realized how brutal and inhumane dog fighting was, but I wouldn't have believed him if he had. He fought dogs, an act he knew to be illegal, because he enjoyed it. He'd do it again if he thought he could get away with it. I'd just prefer there was more honesty all the way around. Vick could complain about getting caught; professional athletes could tell reporters that they support Vick because but for the grace of God ...; fans could say that they just want to see him play again; more people could ask why mistreating an animal was such a big deal; prominent Blacks could throw out the race card ... oh wait ...; and I could admit how much I have enjoyed all of this Michael Vick coverage.

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