Thursday, August 16, 2007

I don't understand a lot. I don't really have to write that out, as it should be beyond obvious. I have found, however, that much of what I assume is obvious and needs no explanation, is, for a mind blowing number of people, actually quite far from obvious. Many people actually act as if they understand nearly everything. They are able to defend this seemingly indefensible position by claiming that their understanding comes not from themselves but from God. It's actually quite funny that people who claim to be flawed and empty vessels have so much wisdom to impart to others. But again, it's not their wisdom, so ... I guess it makes for a simple life if you believe God is responsible for everything. It certainly leads to a simple approach to the world, which should be all the evidence necessary that it's the wrong approach. Nothing having to do with human beings is ever simple. This seems beyond the need for proof, and yet still people believe that we are simple sin filled people who have only to follow ten simple rules to transcend are flawed lives and join our creator in heaven. How anyone can seriously believe in the Ten Commandments is beyond me. It is illogical, but then that might be my problem. I probably shouldn't apply logic, but I just can't help myself, so here goes.
In the next few blogs I am going to focus on one of those objects of belief that appears to me to be pure bull shit: The Ten Commandments. The very idea that humans could be governed by ten immutable laws is absurd. No law that effectively governs people is immutable. The mutability can come in through the law itself, through legislative intention separately recorded, through enforcement, through the way it interacts with other laws, among others, but it must come in. For example, drug use is not completely forbidden anywhere. First of all, nowhere are all drugs made illegal. Second, very seldom are casual users of marijuana treated the same way as cocaine dealers. This difference might be written into the law, or it might play out in the ways that the police and the judicial system enforce the laws. And, not only must a law be applied in a nuanced way, it must changed over time. No shoes, no shirt, no service makes sense in 20th century Chicago, but not so much sense in ancient Rome. Context is everything when it comes to understanding people, and laws, if they are to be effective, must take context into account.
The Ten Commandments are a joke, or at best a quaint recital of idealized goals. The joke, however is on us and it won't be at all ideal, if we don't seriously and methodically debunk the Commandments. So, that is what I will do, but in normal language and utilizing common sense rather than in scholar-speak citing studies and books that only a handful of people will ever read, I will look at each of the commandments. Tune in tomorrow for my explanation of why other Gods are where its at.

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