Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name." Don't swear. Don't use God's name in a vain, insincere, or pointless oath. Don't use religious language in the commission of the crime (But using religion itself is apparently OK). Don't participate in occult practices (no Halloween, Halloween is a real threat to Western Civilization, freedom, and honor, just like Thanksgiving and any tale that ends with happily ever after and includes individuals who occupy traditional gender roles). Don't refer to God and his works with anything less than the utmost reverence (since God created everything, what are you allowed to bombard with damnation and f-bombs?). Don't make any oath other than your oath to God (no pledge of allegiance, no judicial oath, no boy scout oath (I throw that in there to raise the ire of homophobes everywhere)). The third Commandment may encompass any or all of the above, and may involve some aspects not yet mentioned. Whatever it involves, it is hard to envision it as anything other than a mechanism meant to maintain a power structure beneficial to a particular manifestation of the church. If that's not what it's about, than it seems a bad candidate to be on a top ten law list, especially now. In America, there are now quite a few alternatives available for the provision of security and predictability in the human relationships. Without any role in enforcement of pledges and promises, is this rule really on the same level as thou shall not kill and respect the property of others? And aren't deeds more important than words. Objectively, this law is at best necessary for the maintenance of order. Unfortunately the order it maintains tends to be enmeshed with patriarchy, inequality, and intolerance.
This whole Commandment expose is beginning to seem repetitive and a less than enthralling, but I am certain it will get more interesting. Maybe the real weakness that secularists (it's the best label I can come up with for now ... smart people seems a tad bit pejorative) have is that they are bored by religious-types (again my restraint has kept me from employing the word wacko). Nothing that boring and obviously flawed could possibly be a real threat.

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