Thursday, April 07, 2011

Be my shadow

This morning when I cut coupons
I wasn’t alone
Her scissors were smaller and
Her choice of coupons different
Her definition of coupons was even different but
She was one chair over from me
At the dining room table and
I’d cut out the Sponge Bob Square Pants checks
Call them coupons and
Cut them out with safety scissors too
If I were four
In fact I ‘m tempted now
Really more tempted than I am to cut out shampoo coupons but
She did that too
She opened the new can of paint
Helped mulch a garden bed and plant some lilies
Helped convince her brother to come to lunch and
At dinner time
She pulled out her pots and pans and
Plastic fruits and vegetables and
Potato chips and
Cooked up a stew
Right alongside
Underneath and
Making sure
At least for this evening
That I wasn’t alone

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