Friday, April 08, 2011

Noth Poe

I wish I could always be headed for the North Pole
Like my son is

Whenever we set up the train
(Two chairs, a bed rail,
A microphone, and a wooden train whistle)
The destination is always the same
The North Pole or
The Noth Poe
We never go directly there though
We always stop in Chicago first
All trains stop in Chicago and
We always head into the laundry rooms and
Up the elevator to the top of the Sears Tower
Where we push the button and
Wait for the dryer to beep and
Let us know it’s time to go to the bathroom
Where the observation deck is
It’s back into the laundry room and
Down to the taxi
I’ve never seen a futon move this fast and
It’s a good thing because we’re always running late
For real and
For the train to the Noth Poe but
We always make it
We always have a good time
We always do a little karaoke

I wish I could believe that every trip would be like this
I wish I too could always be headed for the Noth Poe

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