Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Of Pipes and Pyramids

The pyramids were built
One stone at a time and
Regardless of how they did it
It was hard work that had to be done by someone
Egyptologists swear that they were tradesman but
Even if they were slaves
They were still people
Many persons
One of which
Probably paused after a huge block was
Put into its final place
Where it still rests today
Four thousand years later and
Glanced over at the Nile River and
Maybe there was a slight breeze
With a grey heron gliding across a sunset and
Maybe he thought about a good day’s work and
His family waiting at home for him and
Maybe he felt as I do
Through the monitor
I can hear his little voice
“Oh Daddy Boy pipes, pipes
Pipes pipes”
Maybe he was smiling

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