Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Candy Cigarettes

I don’t smoke
So candy cigarettes
If I could even find them
Probably weren’t going to work
She already has her own shovel and rake and
Hose nozzle and
There is plenty of as yet un-beautified land out back
So If I had a perennial to find a place for
She could do her own gardening
She has her own laptops
Fisher Price and Dell to be precise
Both outdated
So if I were in my office working on my own outdated computer
We’d both be able to grade papers
She has her own pans but
She doesn’t use them to prepare her own meals when I cook
Why would she
When I clearly have enough to share and
I have whisks and colanders and griddles and woks too
It’s not time to cook though and
It’s April 14th
So she had to have her own 1040 and
Child and Dependent Car Expenses and
A black pen
Ink or
Preferably colored black on the outside
Either way
It’s probably a good think I don’t drink coffee or

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