Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My father's shoes

My father’s shoes are usually empty
But occasionally I do put them on for a walk
As I did this week
Killing ants with my bare hands
Squishing them one at a time
Just like my father did
The squishing part that is
The ants in Pennsylvania are actually quite a bit smaller and
Crunch a lot less than the Michigan ants did
The ones I used to have to flush down the toilet
One at a time
Using a roll of toilet paper in the process and
The two jobs I had
Weren’t really both full time and
I didn’t work weekends even when I was supposed to and
It turns out he’s actually a size 14
Regardless of what I say
I’m still size 13 but
Regardless of what I say or
Occasionally think
It really is fine
My feet are a little too big for the twisty slide or
The balance beam
As it is and
I like wearing my keens
Without socks
You really shouldn’t wear other people’s shoes without socks

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