Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fuck. F-U-C-K. It's a word. Same goes for fucking, fucker, and motherfucker. And shit, damn, wanker, prick, cunt, asshole, bitch? They're all words too. Hell, even retard, nigger, chink, spic, jap, and kraut are just words. But, they are words to which historical prejudice and suffering has become attached, at least when used by some individuals. I'm not interested in exploring the lies and contradictions involved with racial and ethnic labels, at least not today. I'm just interested in shit ... and all the rest. I use these words in my blog. I don't use wanker, cunt, or prick; probably because I'm not British and not trying to rhyme anything with hunt, bunt, or stunt. Fuck, bitch, and shit are all, however, favorites of mine. I like to write them. I say them too, but I don't say them because I like them. I say them because I'm pissed off at someone or something and just want it or them to fuck off. I sometimes write the words to convey anger, but I never write them when I'm angry. Most often I use them because I like they way they sound in a particular sentence, and the effect they have on the words around them. When I write I pay attention to how a sentence sounds. I like my words to flow. Sentences need to have their own flow, and a shared rhythm within a paragraph. I would like to say that I was also making cultural or political statement, but I'm not and besides I'm about 70 years too late for that. I'm not even trying to shake anyone up, at least not consciously. I'm not 15 and you aren't my dad ... or all of you aren't my dad. The other two of you are my wife and my mom. For the record my dad still doesn't like profanity, and he thinks it is just distracting when I insert it into my blog. My wife doesn't like it because it limits who she can share my blog with. That and the heresy. My mom's on board, but she is pretty forgiving of me and anyway has quite a potty mouth. My daughter is down too. So I have half of my readership on board with the cussing. Of all of those concerns, only the possibility that fuck and its brethren are distracting causes me any worry. I know readers are a fickle bunch, but maybe they need to get over this particular foible, and besides what about the people that enjoy a sentence that much more when there is a shit in it. And, profanity is more prevalent among the lower classes, so maybe by throwing a fuck or a bitch in I am reaching across class lines. Really, though, that's just a bunch of bullshit. I use these words because I like them. Period. I don't overuse them. I don't want to sound like a sailor, a drug dealer, or a professional athlete ... know what I'm sayin'? I am just throwing them in as a splash of color or an amusing crescendo. I think it works. If you disagree, then fuck you. (But not you dad.)

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