Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Every Other Night

Every other night
I put her to bed
Every other night she says
Good night sleep tight good night
After I ask her how many kisses she wants me to blow and
She says seven
After I blow seven kisses and
Ask for one of my own
After she blows one kiss and
Maybe even two or three
After I tell he I love her and
She tells me the same thing
Every other night I put him to bed
He says bye and
Blows kisses and
Then says bye again
At least three or four times
Maybe with another kiss blown in between and
Once the door is closed
Sings for at least half an hour
Every night
I come downstairs slowly
My eyes take a while to adjust to the light
Which is fine
Why should I rush
To work
Why should I move on
Too quickly
Every night

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