Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pretending to Sleep

I’m pretending to be asleep
We just made dinner for the babies
I made an omelet for Mitchell
It had beans
Mushroom soup
Banana baby food
Baking powder and
An organic sugar substitute
Mixed in
But no eggs
Mitchell was cool with it, though
He left the cabbage patch a long time ago
Back when his current mother’s mother was still a wee lass
So he ate up without complaining
And even used a fork
When the others were practically diving into the serving pans
It tired him out too, though
So we had to take a nap
Or at least pretend to take a nap
I was kind of hoping I would be allowed to
Pretend I was pretending but
Within thirty seconds
Little brother was poking around
Concerned that I shouldn’t be pretending to sleep
First came the “ups” and
Egged on by a rooster impression from the baby area
Came the little hands
Wedged under my extremities
In an attempt to force me up
Now he has placed his hands on either side of my head
Who knows what is next but
For now
Mitchell and I are still
Pretending to sleep

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