Monday, January 17, 2011


I’m working
She comes in for the after nap hug and
Leaves me
I’m still working
She brings in two crackers
Each lying under a slice of cheese and
Asks me if I want them
I say yes thank you
She says your welcome and
Smiles and
I’m still working
She shouts in
Asks me if I want hot chocolate
I say yes and
Get a taste of hers
Another exchange of politeness
Another big smile and
Again she leaves
I continue working
Then I hear a little back and forth about
Something being hot and
About using two hands and
Then she appears in the doorway
Moving slowly
A mug of hot chocolate in between her hands
The biggest smile yet
Just waiting to come out
Waiting for me to take the mug and
Look in its direction
I do my part and
Am rewarded
Although she leaves again and
Again I am working and
Counting the minutes until
She returns

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