Monday, January 31, 2011

Her love is better than chocolate, but what about rhubarb pie?

In her song Ice Cream
Sarah McLachlan asserted that
Love could be better than ice cream or
Despite the fact that this was the song
To which I danced my first dance with my wife
As my wife
I never really gave much thought to the statement
I don’t really like chocolate and
‘Better than ice cream’
Is just too vague for me
What kind of ice cream?
What is on the ice cream?
What time of year is it?
Besides, I wanted to dance to Van Morrison’s Crazy Love
So I have never taken Sarah’s claim very seriously
Until recently
Until my daughter started saying
I love you
At night
It used to be that she said I love you
After I said I love you
After she blew me a kiss and
After I blew her seven kisses
But with the new year
She began to add something new in
Before she says
‘Good night sleep tight good night’
She added another ‘I love you’
An unprompted ‘I love you’
An unprompted ‘I love you’ followed by a ‘daddy’
That is better than Chocolate
That is better than ice cream
In most every scenario I can come up with
That may even be better than Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie
Or my homemade Molasses cookies
That is a crazy love
And it is better than anything else I have tried
Or at least
It has the potential
To be
Every bit as good

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