Friday, January 14, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. and Preschool Teachers

My four year old asked me why Dr. Luther King
Wasn’t around anymore and
What it meant to be shot because
Her pre-school teacher said that he was shot
By people who didn’t agree with him
I responded by playing
The I have a Dream Speech for her
I don’t know what she thought about it
I couldn’t hear her or the speech
Over her two year old brother’s screams of
He was feeling it for sure
Huge smile on his face
Blue eyes gleaming
Rocking back and forth and
Side to side
He might have even raised his hands up to the sky and
Shouted amen
I’d have settled for “yes reverend” or
“Speak the truth brother.”
I settled for “yes” because
It seems to have saved me
From having to explain
That disagreement isn’t usually fatal
I’m glad Columbus Day is behind us
There isn’t a good speech I can play for that

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