Saturday, January 08, 2011

Of Danger and Disease

You can lock your doors
Even the garage door
You can lock your windows
Even the two in the kitchen
That open over the counter and
Are just big enough for a four year old to crawl through
If you happen to lock the keys in the house
As long as your four year old is especially skinny and
Tall enough to get down to the floor safely
You could get an alarm system
Put bars on the windows and
Switch out your basement windows for glass blocks
It keeps the spiders out of your basement
Which is great if you have a basement
You could join the local neighborhood watch or
Form one if necessary
You could attend community meetings and
Do ride along with cops if
You bug them enough
You name the one thing that would make your house feel secure
Because I know you can
But hardship and expense aren’t always going to be good enough
Deep down inside
Every parent knows that

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