Thursday, May 05, 2011

But you're home all day

But you’re home all day
That’s what they say
When I get defensive over thirty minutes
We were just thirty minutes early and
You were home with them all day
If they don’t actually say it
They think it but
Do they think about
My shower or
Drop off and pick up
The quality time that is
Breakfast and
Complete with
Flying nuggets
Tipping chairs and
Mad dashes to the bathroom
Grocery shopping
Meal preparation
Complete with
Parallel play with pots and pans
At each other
The cat and
Me and
Mad dashes to the bathroom
The part time job
Orchestrated phone calls
Tooth brushing
Toy pick up
The fact that when a thank you, your welcome, or please is forgotten
Receipts, cardboard boxes, rocks, stones, and candy wrappers are hoarded or
A K isn’t connected properly and scissor skills aren’t ready for first grade
You’re all too aware that
They could
At any time
But you’re home all day

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