Monday, May 30, 2011

George Washington was a lucky man

George Washington crossed the Delaware
Right about where my son stepped in a big piece of goose poop
He crossed the day after Christmas
So he didn’t have to worry about goose poop
He crossed at night and
Was hoping to attack Trenton before dawn
So he didn’t have to worry about applying sunscreen before he left
He crossed before they designed the American flag
So he didn’t have to worry about breaking the rules and
Flying it the wrong way nor
Did he have to worry about bringing up the fact that there are rules and
Then having to try to explain that to a five year old and a two year old
He even crossed before the interpretive center begun to look run down and
The support for the park began to run out and
The museum had to be moved to a trailer and
Before Muslims, and Mexicans, and Homosexuals
Thought they had rights too and
He never had to live with a black president
George Washington was a lucky man
If he had fathered his own children and
Had a boy
Who was two years old in 1776
He could have brought him across the Delaware if he wanted and
Carried him without fear of getting
Goose poop on his shirt
What a lucky guy!

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