Saturday, May 28, 2011

The whole world is in your hands

The whole world is
A breast
A bottle
A shoulder
A crib
A blanket
A stuffed turtle
A doll or two or three or four
The first day at school
A painting
A homemade card
A soccer game
This week’s best friend
A summer vacation on the beach
I’d take any of them over
A grocery list or
A rejected report that has to be rewritten or
A room that needs to be painted or
A decision that has to be made about
Cars or
Houses or
Schools or
Circumscion or
Piercing or
The painting of toe nails and the donning of lip stick
I like it when my whole world is the garden
Hands in the dirt
A plan in my mind
And nothing but mosquitos and weeds to worry about
Fighting clover is frustrating but
Not impossible and
Not any harder than having your whole world be
A tenth grade girl or boy
Who is as dependable as a tenth grade girl or boy
Not any harder than choosing where to go when you
First leave your whole world behind
Not any harder than watching your whole world leave you behind
Not really hard at all
Gardening is like a stuffed turtle or
A blanket or
A daddy
It will accept being your whole world
It will happily accept it

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