Monday, May 23, 2011


I wish I could see more of what isn’t there
Or believe in it
Or at least
I wish I knew
Or what
Jo Jo is
My son talks about him
Or her
Or it
All the time
At least ten times a day
It’s been a week
Since Jo-Jo appeared
He seems to have come back with us from Michigan
Maybe he’s looking for work
Maybe my son was looking for him
If he’s funny enough to justify just half of the laughter that accompanies his name
Then I would want to see him too
I would like to see him
But with dishes and groceries and meals and gardening and
The cat and everyone’s teeth and teaching and sleep
There isn’t enough time for the requisite belief
So I’ll have to rely on faith and love
To laugh at Jo-Jo and
Everything else that the little inhabitants of my house
Can see

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