Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tea, toast, and typing

Tea and toast at 10:47
Tea and toast and typing
The toast is first to go
The tea is next
The timeline for typing
Well that depends on what else I let into my evening
The weather
Tomorrow it will be 91 degrees with
A 60 percent chance of rain
In the afternoon
In the form of thunderstorms
The NBA championships are on tonight too
The television is sleeping with my wife but
I have a history of late night trysts with online radio and
Trysts of every and any kind with
Trysts and toast would make for an entirely different kind of evening
I wonder if the toast would still go first and
Would there be tea and
Would I be done with everything by 10:57
Tea, toasts, trysts and
Probably not
It is past toast
Tea and
10:59 right now

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