Thursday, June 16, 2011

Domesticated Me

Scientists now think that the domestication of animals
Is a process that occurs at the genetic level and
That even we have been domesticated
Rendered more docile and cooperative
At a molecular level
Now I am sure this process occurs over generations and
Not years
But I can’t help but think that the
Radish green pesto I made this week
Is a sign of fundamental changes deep within me and
I wore an apron twice last week and
I continue to change diapers and
Do laundry and
Shop for groceries and
Care whether my daughter’s purple shoes look good with her pink scooter and
Provide encouragement to my spouse
When things are tough at work
Maybe even bake something special
Which I bring out to her
Wearing floral oven mitts and
A silly smile on my face
Somewhere in Siberia they have bred Foxes to act like dogs
To whine and wag their tails and
Sport piebald coats
Here in Levittown
I can’t help thinking that
At the building block level
If it looks like a dog and
Acts like a dog
It’s probably a dog
Woof woof

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