Wednesday, June 01, 2011

He Screams

He screams
When I get up to his bedroom I ask him why
He says he doesn’t know and
Talks about a strange sound
Then asks for a stuffed animal
It’s pretty much the same conversation each time
By the time we give up on nap
He has a full crib
I know that he heard something and
Is scared and
He knows I am taking his fear seriously or
At least I hope so
It’s hard though
I want to him to know that I’ll believe him
If he says the piggy bank came alive and tried to eat him
Without making him afraid of piggy banks
I want him to know I won’t be one of those fathers
From the horror movies who
Smiles and nods their head
When told of danger and
Then leaves their children to fend for themselves
Without having to show him a horror movie
I want to be there every time he screams
So I am

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