Saturday, June 25, 2011

Building the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was
At the same time
A boundary and
A destination
It was both
It was both because of
Where it was and because
For about two thousand years
What it was
Didn’t stop changing
There is no brick and mortar wall between us but
There is a project there
A continuing project
Every hug
Every scowl
Every scream
Every time he cocks his head
Curls his lips into a forced scowl
Smiles in those blue eyes and
Then breaks into an indescribable giggle
Every minute I delay coming to his side
When he calls my name
They are all places we go together
They are destinations and
They are barriers
Sometimes we can walk easily from one to the other
Sometimes the distances covered seem too great
Never do we consider whether they can be seen from space
We haven’t gotten there yet
We’re still imagining
Changing diapers
Reading board books
Building with legos
Building with alphabet blocks
Building train set ups
I just bought him Lincoln Logs
We are still building

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