Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's his dad

It would be nice to be the parent in the audience
The one that the camera slowly pans to
At the big game
Wearing the paraphernalia and
Biting their nails or
Fingering their rosary beads or
Rubbing their hands or
Doing whatever they do to show their interest and
To will their son or daughter to victory
Being at the draft
When they call your child’s name and
Hand them a cap
On their way to millions
Would be quite nice too
Except for having to wear a suit but
I have to think that all of it is only nice
If you had the chance to develop your nail biting
At the middle school basketball game
Where the score barely threatened double digits
If you grimaced and sighed in the driveway with the three foot plastic hoop
Watching balls and frisbees and whatever else
Soar into trees and
Neighbor’s yards
If you prayed the rosary every time your child
Threw themselves at a wall or
Got knocked completely off of their feet
When you were the one that had to find the band aids and
Buy the crutches and
If you enjoyed most of it
And not just retrospectively
You can only come by a good ritual naturally and
With a lot of work and
A lot of disappointment and satisfaction
It’s ok though
Because most of the time the camera’s not on you
So you can relax occasionally and
Always wear comfortable clothes

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