Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tasting the Magic - Explained

I want to taste the magic
That’s where the poetry is
It’s not in knowing that
My daughter said this to me a few days ago
After asking me if I could pull potato chips from under the dining room table
It’s certainly not in the details
That during a lunch
Almost a year ago now
I was trying to surreptitiously snack on potato chips
When I was caught
She didn’t see the bag
So I told her that I had conjured them using the magic
That all dads possess
I only used that magic again once and
Although she never forget
She only mentioned it periodically
Until this week
When I responded to being locked out of my son’s room
With daddy magic
This bit of door sorcery conjured up an open door
Some powerful memories and
A bit of poetry
Which I
Being unable to suppress a father’s innate mundanity
Have explained herein

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