Monday, June 20, 2011


Eye to eye
Smile to smile
That’s where it’s at
That’s where you want to be
When you’re dragging her to time out or
Listening to her scream as loud as she possibly can
As loud as the scream you told her to reserve for a lion attack
So loud that the neighbors must think she is being attacked by lions
All because she didn’t get the same number of
Watering can fill ups as her brother
But even
And especially
When you come into
Her room in the morning and
She greets you by rolling under her covers and
Whining and
Asking for mommy
All the while clutching
The book she’s been reading and
Wants to keep reading
If you’re not to driven to get her dressed and
Focused on a mutually beneficial exchange
That will achieve that result
She’ll give you a hug and
A sly smile but
Her mind
Her focus
Will still be elsewhere and
Elsewhere is an illness
A nothingness
That seems to be growing
When you can get her eye to eye
Smile to smile
Mind to mind
Do it

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