Friday, June 24, 2011

In Search of Clarity

For me
Life as a parent
Is like trying to get a clear signal on a television using rabbit ears
Day after day after day
With barely a bathroom break
In between cat naps on a mattress laid out in front of the television
In a house that is in the middle of a war zone
Knowing that you are there to fulfill an important mission
Knowing that on that television is
The best
Most wonderful
Completely fulfilling and
Enriching experience
You could ever have
Along with the secret to ending the war being waged around you and
The only map for finding eternal happiness
You can hear voices and
Through the fog and fuzz
You can see
The outlines of people
You can see even more and
For a moment or two
Once in a great while
Usually during a commercial
Everything is as clear as day
Providing the reference points
The bread crumbs
The tease
As a good and dependable parent
You eagerly collect and
The static and

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