Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eating Crow ... and Flossing Afterward

Just now I spotted my missing dental floss
Sitting on my desk
Way at the back
Next to the unopened package of mirror holders
That I was going to use to put up the mirror in our bedroom
The mirror that is now in the garage behind the closet doors
From my son’s room
That have been sitting there half primed for a week or two
Certainly longer than the floss has been sitting here
Where I left it
While I angrily tore apart the bathroom looking for where someone had hidden it
While I neglected flossing for three days
While I finally dug out more floss
Complaining all the time
While I sat down to write this poem and
Spied it
Just now I wrote a poem about my missing dental floss and
Now I’m going to go use it

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