Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Moving Out

He has his own house
He’s four and he has his own house
He still spends most nights with us
Last night it was because there was a fire at his house
Tonight he came back for dinner
Someday though
He tells me he’s going to move out
After he’s done marrying me
I’m first
Next he’ll marry his mother
Than his sister and
I think that’s when he’ll leave
When they’ll both leave
He seems to be planning for it already
Yesterday he threw a fit because I wouldn’t buy him a garlic press
Today the tears were over a Scott’s Edgeguard Mini Spreader
I told him that when he was ready to seed his lawn he could borrow mine
But he wants his own
Who knows what he’ll need next
Who knows when the day will come
When a granola bar won’t be enough to distract him
When macaroni won’t be enough to keep him home

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