Monday, March 26, 2012

Of turtles and quiet sharing

I praised the little green thing
Even rubbed his shell
But I still threw in a reminder for all of them
Stuffed and otherwise
That they were supposed to be sleeping
Or at least not sleeping quietly
The non-stuffed one groaned out an OK at this and
I understood why
I was even a little disappointed with myself
I mean
He had called me up
To say
That his stuffed turtle was sharing books with him and
I couldn’t allow myself
To just heap some praise on both of them and
Maybe say something nice about the little stuffed reindeer
With the magnetic nose
And disappear
I had to try to be parental
I tried to hide it
To slip it past in a flourish of fun and play
And blown kisses but
We all knew it was there
Even the turtle
Who has to be up there every night
With a pile of books
And a magnetic reindeer
And still has to share
Could see the praise for what it was
And I’m quite sure
He disapproved

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