Monday, March 05, 2012

What Did I Get Myself Into

Red and yellow kill a fellow
Red and black friend of Jack
I think that’s right
If it is
It’s a lovely little number with a fun rhyme but
How dead is dead and
What kind of a friend is Jack and
What if it isn’t right
What if I’m color blind
What if snakes really aren’t for everybody
These are the questions you hope you ask
Before you buy the snake or
Come face to face with it on some dusty trail or
At least you naively hope
That if you have let the spirit move you
You will have time to figure it out in the moment and
On the fly
That you will see the colors you wanted to see
Whichever colors those are
Unfortunately as
Much as red and black are friends of Jack
So too
Is it true
That it does go by so fast and
That it doesn’t last
Not for this or any other snake and
Not for this fellow

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