Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Worn Out

I am buried in clothing
Purple plaids
Pink fish
Stripes of every color
Even red, white, and blue and
Right now
All of it is size 4
Size 5 is next
With a few size 6 items
Prematurely shrunk or
On the small size to begin with
Waiting on the far right of the coffee table
Just on the other side of a mound of hangers
On this side of the hangers
Where I sit
My lap filled with clothes
Debating with my wife
Whether the Kohl’s blue polka dot dress
With the green 3-d flower looking thing
Should go for four dollars or
Five with a last day half off discount
We decide on four dollars
No discount and
So it goes
She’s asleep and
Now it’s our turn to shed the clothing
One piece at a time and
All at once

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