Thursday, March 08, 2012

Rolling Through

I could only hear every other word
An empty bus isn’t a quiet place
Even if you aren’t sitting up above the wheel
If you are and
You are sharing the bus with twenty or so five and six year olds
Many of whom are shooting at you with their fingers
Well even if your hearing has always been good
You’d need the little boy sitting next to your daughter
To repeat his question
On the third go round
I went with Fred for my answer
I was throwing up my arms in surrender and
Being kicked in the small of the back
So when I heard the word name
That third time
I thought Fred would be a safe answer and
It did make him laugh
Albeit because he was expecting Ford or Buick but
My daughter gave him the right answer and
Sometimes a complete picture needs more than
Every other or
Even all of them

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