Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Collage Girl"

I didn't find any good job leads on Craig's List Friday. I did find this add: "Need collage girl to help with homework." At first I snickered at the typo. Then I wrote it down and forgot about it. Later, I wrote a few quotes from the movie Garden State on the same piece of paper. When I returned to the Garden State quotes in order to weave them into my novel, I saw the collage girl ad and suddenly it struck me in a new way. Why did it have to be a typo? Who wouldn't want to employ a collage girl? Wikipedia defines collage as "a work of visual arts made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole." Who wouldn't want their child to learn from someone who was a new whole made up of disparate parts. I suppose it might depend on the parts, but I'd rather Seren learn every subject, even math and science, from someone who boasted diverse skills, experiences, and influences. Diverse personalities might not be as great. Schizophrenic teachers, though, might be the key to making math and science more attractive to kids.

Ideally, we would all be and give birth to collage girls (or boys). I certainly hope Seren becomes a collage girl, like her mother before her. A world of collage people might not be a consistent and predictable place, but if you ask me that's a positive. I hope that I can always be a collage boy. I'm willing to work at it. I think it has to be worked at. I'd be willing to work at being a collage girl, but that's a part of the assemblage I'd rather save for private exhibition.

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