Monday, October 22, 2007


My daughter loves phones. She loves my cell phone. She loves her mother's cell phone. She even likes the toy cell phone that Grammy bought her. If none of these are on hand, she has been known to make calls on calculators, combs, and remote controls. Today, as I was attempting to move us and all of our stuff out the door, she caught sight of her toy phone. Apparently it was ringing, because she stopped to pick it up. I didn't hear the first ring. I only heard the audible to adults ring, the one she had to squeeze the phone to produce. It was good that I had her around, because apparently the call was for me and without her toddler ears I would have walked right by it. Of course, without her toddler charms I wouldn't have had a stuffed cell phone, or been carrying fifty two bags out to the car for a half hour trip ... but these are contingencies that only adults can understand. I took the phone from her. Turns out it was Uncle John calling from Singapore. Good thing he called on his niece's phones, she has free long distance anywhere in the world except Africa. For my next trip to Africa, I'll have to switch toy companies. As I chatted to Uncle John, my practical little girl decided to fill the time with a call of her own. She had a dilemma, though. Mom's phone was at work with mom. Dad's phone was in dad's pocket. dad was on her phone long distance to Singapore. Actually, the problem with her phone had nothing to do with trepidation about interrupting a call and everything to do with dad being tall. Besides, she had a Guinea Pig puppet handy. I don't know what kind of connection you get on a rodent, but she was smiling a great big smile with the larger than life rodent's chin in her ear. It was way too funny, but it also brought a tear to my eye. It was while watching her holding that rodents butt to her mouth that I fully realized how successful my little girl will be. Anyone that can kiss ass while talking on the phone ... well the sky is the limit.

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