Monday, October 01, 2007


I'm hoping we did her a favor giving her that name. Her mother wanted her to have a more 'normal' name. I was hoping for Rhianwen, Caltha, or Seasaidh (Shay-see). Seren was our compromise. It is a beautiful name, with a great meaning (star) that is easily pronounced (think serendipity). And now it is so her. She is Seren. The question is, what will that mean for her? She will definitely be called Sarah a few times in her life. Sharon and Karen may also make appearances. Surely someone will at least mention that Sarin, of poisonous gas fame, is pronounced the same way. It will, however, give her a better chance of leaving an impression. Unless she moves to Wales (where it has been among the top ten baby names), she won't run into a lot of Serens. Every advantage helps. Combined with my intelligence, good looks, modesty, and rapier sharp wit, she's a cinch to be a great success. Maybe she'll break free of the reserved/shy/stoic/tendency to miss out on stuff thing that I inherited. The name, plus a dose of muppetesque friendliness handed down from her mother, may be enough to free her. I came close to being Luke Dylan (rather than Samuel David), but my Grandmother famously (at least in familial circles) declared that if that was the name on the birth certificate she'd call me baby. And so I was yanked back into the safety of innocuousness. As many have done before me, I wanted better for my offspring. I held out, and I got it. Seren. If it was a mistake, it hasn't been the last one of those. If I receive blame for it from her, it won't be the first time that happens. If later I apologize, well that will have happened before, and after, too. But, she'll still be Seren. Or Seren will still be her. Maybe it's Seren the name that we have really done the favor for. If you see it around, give it the address for my blog and tell it to drop a line.

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