Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mike Huckabee

I can't vote for someone who is willing to publicly say that evolution doesn't exist. Has he ever been to a natural history museum? Has he been barked at by a pug-a-poo? Doesn't be realize that there is no way that God could have rested on the seventh day and still created the whole world and everything in, on, and above it? He may be stupid, in which case I can't vote for him. It's time we had someone smart again. He may be physically unable to engage in analytical thought, in which case I can't understand him. I'm an American, and thus I have only blind hatred for that which I don't understand. He may simply be manipulating the religious right, in which case I can't vote for him. People who have exorcised the demons of compassion, caring, and understanding from Christianity shouldn't be pandered to. Any way you cut it, I can't vote for Mike, Tom, or Sam.

Which means, my choices now consist of: Hillary, Barack, John, Bill, Dennis, Joe, Mike, Chris, Fred, John, Mitt, Duncan, and Ron.

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