Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sugar High

I've finally figured it out. Now I know why people have children. All the work and sacrifice finally seems worthwhile. It was the vision of my seventeen month old daughter in her ladybug costume clutching her pumpkin shaped candy bag that brought it all home for me. Actually she brought it home, it being candy. It's perfect. I walk around the neighborhood with an impossibly cute little girl, collect tons of candy, and when she's done taking it in and out of her pumpkin, I eat it. Some people let her go back in for extra pieces, and at one house she reached in and grabbed more. When you're seventeen months you can get away with that shit, but you can't eat candy. At least my seventeen month old can't eat candy. I don't want her to have my sugar obsession. I'm willing to feed my obsession, and put my health on the line, for my daughter. I'm just that kind of guy. And, to find out that my great and selfless parenting has a tangible, if temporary, reward is just icing on the cake ... er almonds in the coconut and chocolate. Until tonight I thought my motivation was limited to things like love, smiles, and the promise of housework. Now I know how scary good parenting can be.

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