Monday, October 29, 2007

A Good Scare

Halloween is almost upon us. The days have finally turned cold. A hint of the winter that awaits blows about in the breeze. In two nights the streets will be crawling with little monsters and ghouls on sugar highs. Dipity will be among them. She'll be a ladybug. She even likes her costume. She likes it so much that I've hid it so that I don't have to dress her up every time someone says the word ladybug. Tomorrow, without Dipity, I'll watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Unfortunately, I'll watch it in our newly redone den/guest room, which for the first time in the year we've owned the house isn't the least bit scary. In fact, the only thing missing from this year's Halloween, other than a costume for mom and dad, is a good healthy Halloween related scare. I could always tune into one of the umpteen horror movies on television. But I'm not sure when. Mom doesn't like horror movies. My only time without mom is when she is sleeping (writing time) and when I feed Dipity, and it is bad enough that I watch Charmed when I give her the afternoon snack. So, I've decided that I should make a list of the most frightening moments of 2007, or at least the moments that were most frightening to me.

10) Earlier this month Drew Carey started hosting The Price is Right. For some reason that really scares me.

09) The ten times I crossed a bridge after the August 1 bridge collapse in Minneapolis

08) On July 21, 2007 Dick Cheney was Acting President for two and a half hours while W had a colonoscopy. It's never true that it couldn't get any worse."

07) Any day without a nap for Dipity.

06) Every moment that a Black American spoke out in support of Michael Vick. We have a race problem in this country and it's plenty scary.

05) On October 1st, Britney lost custody of the kids to K-Fed and I read and heard about it everywhere. The same could be said for the outing of Dumbledore, or any continuing mention of conspiracy surrounding Lady Di's death.

04) Some things never cease to be scary. It freaks me out to even think about the movie Final Destination. I love being alone at night in a sparsely populated area, for about ten seconds, and then I run like hell towards the nearest human habitation, keeping open the option of screaming like a teenage girl. I get at least a bit apprehensive every time Dipity climbs on anything. Whenever I fail to avoid a presidential address and actually look at and listen to our President I shudder uncontrollably for at least a good five minutes. That has happened at least twice this year, and those where damn scary moments.

03) The potential of Turkish raids into Iraqi territory. It ain't funny, but it's plenty scary.

02) On May 3, 2007 at a Republican presidential debate, three presidential candidates raised their hands to indicate that they didn't believe in evolution. There isn't much that's scarier than that.

01) Except being the parent of a child that walks. I couldn't wait to see Dipity walk. Before she could hold her head up I was 'walking' her around the room. And then, in an instant, I wanted her to keep crawling, or even better go back to that beautiful moment in time before she could move but after she could smile. But, there is no going back. It's not even possible to go forward slowly. Ready or not ...

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