Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beethoven and Me

Beethoven directed the first performance of the ninth symphony or
At least he was on stage at the same time as
Someone else
Who thought he was directing
History isn’t clear as to the truth but
What matters is that Beethoven
Bravely ignored the disconnect between mind and body
He was deaf
Completely deaf
But he didn’t let it stop him
I know why
I designed a cave for my children
Out of bed sheets
A train table
An ironing board
A futon
My daughter’s piggy bank and
Other assorted possessions and
Repossessions and
It was a huge hit and
I conducted its premier
From inside for
There was no where else to be at that moment and
I was blissfully unaware of my age
My hip
My shoulder
My leg with the surface wound that could
Explode at any time and
Not to mention
The new injuries I acquired
Trying to keep up with
A Two year old and
A four year old but
It didn’t matter because
I could see that
I was conducting a masterpiece

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