Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Linda Cohn and Happiness

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl in a bar with the boys
I watched it with my kids and
My wife and
Someone else’s kids and
His wife and
Him and
I didn’t miss the
Multiple big screens or
The beers or
The Eagle jerseys and
I think that’s because
If I didn’t have a wife and kids
I would choose Linda Cohn
Over anyone in the recent SI Swimsuit Issue
Which I probably won’t read
For about the twentieth year in a row
In fact
I think that if most of us were offered our choice
We’d choose Linda Cohn and
It wouldn’t matter if it was for a one night stand or
Until death do we part
She’s Linda Cohn for God sakes
She was on the boy’s ice hockey team
She knows sports
She’s on ESPN
She’s funny
She’s fun
If you’re a happily married dad
She’s the equivalent of
A big screen television in a friend’s basement
With toddler’s running in and out of the room
She’s the official sportscaster for
Dad’s who enjoy watching the Super Bowl with their families

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