Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is Parenthood? ... Parenthood is a cacophony of love

Lawrence Ferlinghetti has a book called "What is Poetry?" On the back of the book it is described as an "ongoing project which he is constantly revising and expanding." This project consists of a collection of very short poetic descriptions of poetry. Again referring to the back of the book, "[h]aving an aversion to the idea of discussing the 'craft' of poetry or the 'process' of creating a poem, Lawrence Ferlinghetti usually mumbles something about 'It's a trade secret' when pressed on the subject. 'What is Poetry?' is the closest he has come to formulating an ars poetica."

Here are a couple of examples:

Poetry is the anarchy of the senses
making sense

Poetry is news
from the frontiers
of consciousness

I don't have a problem discussing parenthood, or poetry for that matter, but I like the idea of coming up with my own version of "What is Poetry?" for parenthood ... my own attempt at an ars parentem ... so I'm going to give it a try. My thought is to post one of these one or two liners every day, we'll see if it actually happens. What will happen is the first ...

Poetry is a cacophony of love

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