Sunday, February 13, 2011

I want a Gatorade bath

Moms and Dads are like coaches
In that they shoulder a lot of blame
When things go wrong
They don’t, however, get to look like geniuses
When things go right
The things get more credit
There isn’t even a Gatorade bath
But there should be
Of course the good ones aren’t looking for credit
They are happy with a hug
They’d like a nap
They’d love to be able to slow time down
At least once in a while
With the probable exception of the hug
Those are the same traits a good coach has
But he or she gets a whistle and
Gets to wear a hoodie
Most of the time
Which helps to make up for the heavy burden
I’d settle for just one Gatorade bath
Even if my wife had to give it to me.

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