Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Morning Mourning

A funeral can be a party
A wedding can be a wake
The elements are always there
To make whatever out of whatever
Parenting is no different
A parent could wear black
All the time
Every morning
Because the child that goes to bed
Is never the one that wakes up
Yesterday’s child is gone
Never to return
Of course the person wearing black
Every day of their life with young children
Is the football fan
Who is already worried about salary cap limitations or
The potential impact of a work stoppage
The morning after a Super Bowl victory
The sun doesn’t stay set
It doesn’t stay risen either
Which is a damn good thing since
I like sunsets and
Sunrises and wearing black
I even like to acknowledge
Things are changing
It helps me to remember
They used to be and
What they are right now

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