Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A week or so ago
I started hearing daddy
Now I’m daddy
I was dada
But dad’s gone
I don’t know how long daddy will last
Maybe longer than dada
But probably not forever
Although it was only a few years ago
I heard my father in law call his wife mommy
So anything is possible
But before the teenage years hit
I’ll probably be dad
And although there may be an asshole interlude
I’ll probably remain dad
No child of mine will be calling anyone father and
It’s hard to imagine me being a papa
So I’ll be dad
I don’t need to be dad now
I’m not yearning for it
Or needing it
It’ll come and
It’ll be around a long time
On the other hand
Daddy won’t
And I’ll probably never be dada again
So I’m daddy now
And I’m going to try to hear that as often as possible

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