Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hasheem Thabeet for Governor of Wisconsin

Hasheem Thabeet
It’s what I have started saying say when I tickle my son
He thinks it’s hilarious
But he laughs hysterically when I rinse with mouthwash
So I could probably say Kirk Hinrich or
Jeff Green and
As long as I played it up a little
Get the same reaction but
I enjoy saying
Hasheem Thabeet and
Neither of us care that he’s been traded
From Memphis
To Houston
As long as he doesn’t go back to the Dakota Wizards
I’ll keep saying it
Maybe it’ll be our pretend alternative name
I have always used Obama with my daughter
Whose pajamas are these?
I think they are Obama’s
Who is my favorite daughter?
Is it Obama?
Someone’s calling
Who is it?
Who is going to get some candy?
I think Hasheem Thabeet will be a lot more fun
He really was born in another country and
He is a Muslim
He really is a basketball player and
For now
Not just in the D-League
If he’s a fascist or
A socialist or
A Communist or
All three
Then it will be beyond perfect and
We will both be laughing
When I say it
We’ll both laugh as it is
The only problems is that
I actually like the name and
Feel a little bad about using
Hasheem Thabeet
In this way
So maybe we’ll go with
Scott Walker
He can’t play basketball and
He isn’t even rumored to be a Muslim but
He has the best chance of being a fascist and
I don’t feel bad about using his name
He’ll never be in the same league
Even if it is the D-League
Hasheem Thabeet

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