Monday, February 28, 2011

Neurotic Photo

I’m a bit neurotic
But even I don’t give much thought to posterity
When I write most things
Even when I’m writing on
Something that might actually stick around a while
A yearbook
A guest book at a wedding or
The back of a picture
I too might have written
“This is a picture I had taken 2 years ago
As you can see
I am no longer slim”
I might even have underlined slim
As my Granddad did
I wouldn’t have included a cigar in the picture
Jutting out of my mouth Churchill style and
I wouldn’t have handed out a picture
With said cigar or
With me reading a book
But cigars and books are passé
I probably wouldn’t have had the picture taken at all
I don’t even want professional photos taken of my kids
Who are far cuter than me or my Grandad
Why would I
I have the internet and a digital camera and
I can write and rewrite captions on digital photos
I would do
If I was motivated to communicate in that way
But as you can see
I am no longer so motivated and
Am as neurotic as ever

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